FAQs Section

  • Is the information only for Day Trading?

    It can be utilized either way. The information gets updated daily so it can be useful for day trades or not but is still not to be consider advice or a recommendation on whether you should or should not use it for day trading.

  • Can this information be used on Options Trading?

    Depending on the price point you are targeting and the type of option you are selecting, it can absolutely be a huge benefit.

  • When do monthly memberships start?

    Monthly memberships start the same day a member signs up and purchases their subscription. Membership would end one month from day of sign up.

  • When do weekly memberships start?

    Weekly memberships start the same day a member signs up and purchases their subscription. Membership would end one week or 7 days from day of sign up.

  • How do I get help understanding how to use the information?

    ASM info guidelines are accessible to members on a subscription plan. A link will become available in their My Account and a direct access at the bottom of the page.

  • If I am a member, where do I go to find my subscriptions private page?

    There are two locations a member can find their private access page;

    1. There will be a link in the members My Account section
    2. The top right menu option also contains direct links to private Member Access pages
  • How profitable is ASM information?

    The information is updated on a day to day basis to provide the best accuracy possible. However, even though ASM has had a long history of proven accuracy there is no way to guarantee that the information will be profitable for a member as it depends on how they utilize the information.

  • How secure is my payment information?

    ASM has no access to any of your financial details that you enter when you purchase a subscription. Payments are processed through the Woocommerce store and Paypal is the payment gateway that processes the transaction details.

  • How do I get ahold of someone?

    If there are questions that are not answered here on the FAQ section you can click the contact ASM link at the bottom of the page.

  • Does ASM tell me when to buy and sell?

    No! The information provided on this website is for general information purposes only. No information,
    materials, services and other content provided on this website constitute solicitation, recommendation,
    endorsement or any financial, investment, or other advice. Seek independent professional consultation
    in the form of legal, financial, and fiscal advice before making any investment decision.

  • ASM Trade Information Example Doc

    This is a blank document example of what the information will currently look like. ALL fields will be filled and updated on a daily basis and posted for members to view in their private page according to the plan they purchased and allotted stock picks they have access to for that week(the stocks that were selected by group plan majority vote from the Weekly Picks List). *NOTE – Group plan voting is not currently available until it has been created for use and is currently in process and nearing completion.*

    Some members consider the “LOW” & “HIGH” Price Points to be “BUY” & “SELL” Price Points. Be aware, the price points and all information contained in the document that will be viewable to members in the past, present and future is not to be consider Financial and/or Investment Advice or any kind of Recommendation or direct you to do or don’t do something that is seen or individually interpreted in the documents and/or images provided to members and non-members including website visitors. DISCLAIMER PAGE